At Beauterre Recovery Institute, we know relapse can be a part of the road to addiction recovery and an opportunity to make the adjustments necessary to find renewed support and skills to discover lifelong recovery. Addiction recovery is a journey that can include many ups and downs, and varying degrees of success. Perhaps you’ve been through other programs or addressed your addiction on your own; enjoying periods of recovery but unable to maintain the changes required for lifelong recovery.

Beauterre’s relapse prevention track helps individuals understand the emotional, physical, and mental stages of relapse so they can better detect signs and symptoms of mental relapse and begin practicing coping skills.  Our clinicians will go beyond psychoeducation; diving deeper into exercises, including a chain analysis of relapse, brain development exercise and developing a sober support network.

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Embracing Opportunity

Relapse prevention is an integral part of each patient’s treatment at Beauterre Recovery Institute. We assess where each patient is at in their respective journey. We evaluate your unique needs, with an emphasis on accurately assessing your situation, addressing new opportunities for growth and change and learning new and familiar ways to cope and discover your recovery.

Every admission includes substance use, medical and neuropsychological assessments to guide your personalized care plan. We’ll meet you where you are to integrate advanced treatment modalities based on your unique needs to address your relapse and get you back on track to recovery.

Even your continuing care plan will focus on your specific relapse triggers and help you build new coping skills and identify community and family support to maintain your recovery.

I have been to many other places for my alcohol addiction but this is the only place where I felt absolutely at peace… I highly recommend [Beauterre] for anyone who is struggling and willing to change!

Steph, a Beauterre alumna