Beauterre Recovery Institute offers a distinctive approach to addiction treatment, providing responsive, personalized care for adults struggling with alcohol or other drug dependencies.

At the heart of Beauterre Recovery Institute is an unwavering commitment to patient-centered care based on personal accountability to support sustained recovery.

We believe that every person deserves their own best chance at beating addiction and optimizing recovery – and that requires a whole person philosophy that integrates mind, body and spirit.

To meet this goal, we employ a philosophy of care that:

  • Integrates multiple modalities into personalized care plans that meet the individual’s needs
  • Embraces advancements and therapies that deliver proven results
  • Addresses and treats co-occurring disorders in all personalized care plans
  • Fosters healing and relationships with family and friends to optimize lifelong recovery
  • Partners with our health care colleagues, referents and professionals to surround patients and family with a community of support and healing

As a result, Beauterre Recovery Institute delivers an elite level of progressive, personalized treatment to beat addiction and optimize recovery.

Beauterre got me out of my funk and back on the path to living again. The staff are wonderful, the counselors are so encouraging and uplifting, and I established lifelong connections.

A Beauterre alumnus

Who We Serve

Beauterre Recovery Institute serves men and women who have been assessed with substance abuse disorder with or without co-occuring mental health issues requiring residential treatment for support, structure and monitoring. A special track is offered for professionals addressing work-specific issues and coping skills to meet licensing requirements. Relapse prevention education is also available for those who have relapsed in their recovery and need an opportunity to make the adjustments necessary to find renewed support and skills to discover lifelong recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

We treat all sorts of substance abuse addiction including alcohol, meth use, crack cocaine, abuse of prescribed medications, opiates, inhalants and more. 

A stay in residential treatment at Beauterre can be anywhere from nine days to 40 days, depending on what is evaluated to be clinically necessary for your recovery. Before you arrive, our admissions team will ensure you and your loved ones know what to expect.

Detox refers to the process of safely managing withdrawal symptoms when someone stops taking drugs or alcohol. We can assist in managing some withdrawals at Beauterre. As with many aspects of our recovery care, we create an individual plan that keeps our patients’ well-being and safety as a top priority.

 Our Accreditation:

CARF stands for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. It is an international, non-profit accreditor of health and human services. CARF certification demonstrates that Beauterre Recovery Institute adheres to person-focused standards that emphasize an integrated and individualized approach to services and outcomes.