Initially, you will participate in a variety of medical, personality, and wellness assessments that will guide you and your treatment team in determining the best approach to your treatment.

Your time at Beauterre is carefully structured to maximize the benefits of your treatment plan. A typical day starts with breakfast in the dining Bistro, a brief Meditation class that is followed by scheduled individual and group therapies, personal time, health and wellness activities and recreation. You’ll also have time to yourself for personal reflection, reading and healing. On weekends, families are invited to visit and spend time reconnecting on the spacious campus grounds.

Here’s what a typical weekday and weekend schedule looks like:

Weekday Weekend
6:30 AM Wake Up/Exercise Sleep in
7:30 AM Breakfast Breakfast
8:00 AM Morning Meditation Morning Meditation
8:30-10:30 AM Group Therapy Health Education or Wellness Activity
10:45-11:45 AM Self Awareness Family Topic or Church (optional)
12:00 PM Lunch Lunch
1:00 PM Health or Recovery Education Class Family Visits or Artistic Endeavor
2:00 PM Topic Group or Individual Counseling Celebrating Success
3:00 PM Wellness Activity or Individual Counseling Visiting or Leisure time
4:00 PM Health or Recovery Education Class
5:00 PM Dinner Dinner
6:00 PM Wellness Activity or Support Group Recreational Leisure or Health Education
8:00 PM Leisure, Relaxation or Journal Community Activity
10:30 PM Bedtime Bedtime

The schedule keeps you busy but also provides for down time too. The grounds are great to walk all year long and they also have a small gym with some cardio machines and weights. Highly highly recommend.

Abbey, a Beauterre alumna