Located in a pastoral retreat one hour south of Minneapolis/St. Paul,
Beauterre Recovery Institute distinguishes itself by building multiple  therapeutic modalities into personalized care  plans – a holistic, effective approach that attends  to the individual’s needs.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Inpatient Residential Addiction Treatment Program

Inpatient Residential Addiction Treatment

You’ll find a distinctive approach to providing responsive, personalized care that integrates multiple therapeutic models into a personal treatment plan focused on healing, repairing and thriving in recovery. Learn more

Waiting Room Prescription Drug Abuse

Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Licensed professionals receive specialized addiction and mental health focused on repairing relationships, repairing careers and meeting requirements of monitoring programs. Learn more

Addiction Treatment Center and Rehab

Recovery Restoration

Relapse is an opportunity for further growth and healing on the road to recovery – and this specialized variable‑length programming helps you get back on track in your recovery. Learn more

Types of Therapy

Individual & Group Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
Cognitive behavioral skill building group
Health realization
Pharmacological therapies
Motivational interviewing
Pharmacogenetic testing
Recovery restoration education
Medication management
Relapse prevention
Grief and loss group
Family education & therapy
Gratitude group
Aftercare Monitoring
Transition services

Mind-Body-Spirit Therapies

Equine therapy
Nutritional guidance
Mindfulness meditation
Spiritual Advisement
Smoking Cessation

Therapeutic Recreational Approaches

Planned leisure
Lifestyle coaching
Artistic endeavors
Recreational activities
Health education