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Thursday, May 4th, 2017  – The Missing Peace: Men and Trauma
An Event Sponsored by Beauterre Recovery Institute, Griffin Recovery Enterprises and The Retreat

***This event will offer 6.25 CEU’s at no cost to attendees/participants***

The Missing Peace: Men and Trauma

The traditional model for working with men was built around “breaking men down” and that paradigm continues to have a significant influence on the ways in which men are treated by programs and clinicians. Even though approximately 70% of the people that go through treatment annually are men, the majority of professionals have not been trained to effectively work with men. Furthermore, men and women experience, respond to, exhibit the symptoms of and recover from trauma differently. Therefore, the interventions and treatment services we provide to men must also be different. Client-centered treatment cannot mean avoiding the systemic impact of gender on our clients – male and female identified.  Many treatment professionals may be unintentionally re-traumatizing male participants thereby increasing their risk of failure in the program. This presentation offers practical guidance and tools for professionals working with men in navigating these challenging areas.

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