“Together we must continue to face addiction because no one should ever have to overcome addiction alone.” – Huffington Post 

Your recovery becomes a reality at Beauterre Recovery Institute.

“Treatment enables people to counteract addiction’s powerful disruptive effects on their brain and behavior and regain control of their lives.” – Drug Abuse

While Beauterre is a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction, we believe some of the most challenging work begins when the patient leaves treatment. Stepping over the threshold back into life can be very challenging.

Because the lure of relapse is always knocking at an addict’s door.

Relapses are a common part of the recovery process, especially after the initial rehabilitation period has ended.

Beauterre desires to set patients up for the best possible chance at recovery. That is why we are passionate and committed to a thriving aftercare program.

What occurs when a patient leaves BRI?

They are welcomed into a strong and vibrant community of alumni, ready to support, encourage, and walk alongside each other in in the recovery process.

Prior to leaving, Beauterre staff will request a patient’s number and the best time to be reached. This is the start of BeauVie (Beautiful Life Program) and alumni are referred to as BeauLumni.

Upon graduation from Beauterre, each BeauLumni is followed for a period of one year with calls from alumni staff and encouragement from peers to attend events.

Active participation in the BeauLumni program can be a vital resource in one’s long-term recovery. In addition to follow up recovery calls, the alumni also hold events.

This is only the beginning of the relapse recovery support that Beauterre offers to each patient.

We want nothing more than for our patients to live their lives in recovery. We believe offering a recovery community is an additional way to enhance your recovery and sobriety from substance abuse and we are here to help.

Here are just a few of the supportive resources we offer:

  • Holiday events to offer patients a sober and safe place to be.
  • Alumni are welcome during visiting hours at BRI.
  • Each patient is encouraged to connect with a graduate to help them along their journey.
  • Advisory board and event committee that was voted in by fellow alumni.
  • Private social media groups to help encourage and support one another.
  • Meeting information and resources so patients are always aware of meetings in the community.
  • Service projects that alumni participate in together.