Connection Not Addiction

Hi! My name is Mark Trudeau, Alumni Coordinator for Beauterre Recovery Institute, and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to our very first issue of Full Circle, the quarterly Beauterre Alumni Newsletter!

At Beauterre, our mission is to get you started down the path to sustainable recovery. The goal of the Alumni Association is to provide the ongoing support to keep you on that path! As isolating as addiction can be, recovery is about connection. Through the connections you make while at Beauterre and then maintain through the Alumni Association, you will have a better chance at long term sobriety. You will also help others to stay on track. This creates a virtuous cycle, which is what inspired the title of our newsletter, Full Circle: you can come back to participate as alum to help others as you help yourself.

The Beauterre Alumni Association will make check-in phone calls, host events and provide options for you to get involved. This association can’t succeed in helping you or any other alumni without your participation! In fact, we have some exciting opportunities for you to do just that. We hope you will join us and enjoy the intangible rewards of being part of something greater than yourself. Look for more details in future issues of Full Circle!

Now, here’s a little bit about myself. I spent the first 13 years of my career in the restaurant industry, followed by work in insurance and mortgage sales. I was an executive chef in New Orleans until 2015. I am a recovering alcoholic with a sobriety date of May 10, 2015. I am active in AA and the recovery community of the Twin Cities. I graduated from Beauterre in June of 2015 (way back when we didn’t even have roommates!). I have a 5-year-old daughter, Illeana. I love to travel, hang out with friends and spending the short Minnesota summers in the great outdoors.

I look forward to meeting or reconnecting with each of you and growing my personal network of clean and sober friends through this role. I am honored to be a part of such an incredible team. If you want more information about the Beauterre Alumni Association or if your wish to contribute to a future quarterly issue of Full Circle, please do not hesitate to reach out: [email protected] or call the Alumni Hotline at 651-402-0249.

Beauterre MOBILE APP

What I am most excited about in our program is our very own Beauterre Alumni App! It is also a perfect opportunity to reach out if you are in need of support and encouragement. The setup is similar to Facebook and Instagram where you can comment and “like” posts from other members. You can download the app on your smartphone from either the iTunes store or the Play store, depending on what type of smartphone you have. You can also access the site from the internet on your laptop/computer via the website. It is a private app, strictly for Beauterre alumni.


  • August 18, 1-5 PM: End of Summer Bash – Committee sign up to come soon. Follow the Beauterre Recovery Institute Facebook (Beau Redux) page for updates!
  • The release of the smartphone app
  • Quarterly events

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