Addiction Treatment for Professionals

If you were ill, co-workers and your boss would send you get-well cards and flowers.
The love and support would pour out as you shared your recovery journey with family and friends.

This is not typically the same situation when struggling with an addiction. Instead the fears overtake the one struggling to the point that they are often terrified to get help.

At Beauterre Recovery Institute we understand your trepidation and are here to help.

Often the first words we hear when a professional realizes he/she needs treatment are:

I am going to lose my job.
I can’t go into treatment or my co-workers will know.
I can’t tell anyone I am struggling.

“There is an internal voice among professionals that tells them ‘I’m competent. I’m successful. Therefore, because I have an issue with a substance, it must mean I’m a failure,’ often these individuals are so high functioning and assume they can handle themselves—or are too ashamed to admit they can’t—that it gets really bad before they get help.” – Social Work Today 

The stigma is strong surrounding addiction specifically for professionals wanting to continue in their field of work, but it doesn’t need to be.

A Program Tailored For Professionals

Beauterre Recovery Institute offers a professionals program tailored specifically to the needs of professionals worrying about the myriad of issues surrounding returning to work.

From the moment a patient arrives on our campus, the calm and bucolic setting offers a healing environment for patients and families.

Examples of this include:

  • Groups. Tailored groups for professionals centered on coping skills and work specific stressors.
  • Reporting. Rigorous and appropriate board reporting – set to the specifications of each individual licensing board.
  • Assessments. Comprehensive return to work assessments – touching on the specific requirements of your employer.

Often the most worrisome issue is returning to work. We help using programs geared towards a comfortable and smooth transition back to your career.

My overwhelming desire to preserve my reputation and standing in the community had long kept me from getting the help I needed. As an attorney, I had been trained to never show vulnerability. Besides, I told myself, I was way too smart for this recovery stuff – I just needed to put my mind to it; to think may way out of this problem.” — John S., a professional in recovery.

This is a common barrier that keeps many professionals from treatment, but we are here to help. Treatment can enhance your ability to become a better employee as you live your life in recovery.

Our goal at Beauterre is to help you keep your career and find your recovery.

You’ve succeed in your professional life. You set out at an early age to get where you are today. It was hard work, but you did it. At Beauterre, we take that can-do-spirit you’ve had all your life, and channel it into a rigorous program to help you overcome your present challenge of beating back your addiction.

We are happy the help you on your journey.

*photos from Flickr