Are you the funny guy at the party? A few drinks or a couple of hits and you capture the attention and the gaze of all the guests, captivating them with your hilarious stories and unabashed boldness. Or maybe you are the strong one for your family, taking care of all the details, making sure everyone else is happy and comfortable, while your needs go unnoticed? Yet, at the end of the day you sit alone with your drink, quietly wondering who will be there for you?

Or maybe the memories and the nightmares keep you up at night and the only thing to block them from creeping back into your mind is the drug. Your best friend, the drugs, the alcohol, the escape.

You might not even know it is killing you until it is too late.

Because when the addiction begins to rule your life, there is something else that slowly dies away slowly like and old plant lacking water. Lacking attention. Lacking tender care.

Your relationships wither. Your relationships with people, with family, with yourself and even your higher power.

When addiction runs the show, there is no room for anyone else.

It is lonely. It is isolating. It is a trap.

Why? Because you don’t need anyone or anything when you are fully entrenched in escaping life, people, and connection.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Healthy relationships are often the key cornerstone to life and recovery.” – Addiction Recovery

The road to recovery can be painful and even excruciating at times. But, recovery offers you the lottery ticket better than any million dollar scratch off you would buy at the gas station. Recovery brings with it the most valuable thing you could ever find on the other side of sobriety…people.


Addiction makes you need no one.

Recovery makes you need everyone.

And that is the best gift you will find; people and relationships.

Beautiful and honest relationships that sprout out of the work you do to find freedom.

It might be first through a therapeutic relationship with a counselor and then maybe a few people in treatment. But from those first steps, you learn to be vulnerable and trust others. You learn to ask for help.

You learn to ask for forgiveness and begin to repair the fractured pieces of your life that addiction stole from you. And as you gain your three months of sobriety, your six months, your ten years, you will begin to find that it is the people that are your lifeline. The community. The relationships that will buoy you, keep you afloat, and hold your hand into the beautiful and life-giving space of freedom from addiction.

The people in your life, are your golden ticket, you need them. You cannot do it alone. It isn’t possible. Reach out today and ask for help. Call someone and tell them you are struggling. Admit you have a problem.

You won’t regret it. It will be the best decision you ever made.

Beauterre is here to help, if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, reach out NOW and ask for help. We believe recovery is possible and we want to help you or your loved one find freedom.

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