Author: Ian Carroll

Sobering News

Code Hope

Sobering News spotlights current events regarding substance use disorder, treatment and recovery. On March 1, the White House held an Opioid Summit. First Lady Melania Trump opened the event by reading a letter. It was a plea from Betty Henderson, who lost her 29-year-old son to an opioid overdose. Mrs. Henderson joined Mrs. Trump at

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Recovery Remix

Waiting on a Friend

This week’s post is the beginning of a recurring feature, Recovery Remix, which will explore recovery themes by examining aspects of popular culture. Our theme for this installment will be waiting — on an altered state, on a return to normalcy, on a chance to recover lost potential. Waiting for a change of season, or

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Addiction, Case Studies, Drugs, Relapse, Treatment

Happy Renewal Year!

A vintage illustration of the holiday season’s end depicts a wizened old man alongside a diapered baby. These are classic representations of the year almost gone and the new year aborning: Out with the old, in with the new. Painful memories can make the holidays a time of despair, but we shouldn’t allow the past to

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